Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Made it to Alabama

We have made it to our new home town. Hotel living is going to be SWEET for the next ten days or so until the first. HEHE. I'd like to use my time wisely before the rental house is ready and the movers come. I'll have lots to do then. Maybe if I can get some things done NOW, I'll have less to think about later.

Anyway, Alabama is a beautiful state. The leaves are all turning red, gold, and yellow. In Southern California we had two seasons. Leaves and no leaves. LOL

I'ts chillier than we are used to, but we have jackets. LOL

Ok, we are going to do things now. I don't know what, but we'll think of something.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So it is going to be in late November to early December, but it's taking all my time to pack. A family of five in a house for eleven years accumulates a lot of stuff. Weeding and packing is taking time, but I think we are getting closer to being done.

I'm about to start the edits on Enforcing Justice, so maybe it won't be too long before YOU get it.

I hope. :)

I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This morning, I sent off contracts for The Society 3: Enforcing Justice. Alexi's story will be published. WOOHOO!

Sure, I have to wait until the contracts come back signed, then edits, but heck, this is the biggest hurdle for me.

Just thought you'd like to know.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vote For Me

All right, so vote for Tree Sprite.

Ann Vremont is runing a Big Beautiful Woman Book of the Month, and Tree Sprite has been added to the list.

To vote for Tree Sprite, Email Ann before Oct 14, 2006 at

With a subject line of

BOTM Tree Sprite

And Tree Sprite might be the book of the month.

Please vote. Muah.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Got me a Dell

So, I'm back, hopefully.

I have new reviews, been posting some excerpts, and hopefully I'll know more about the upcoming move come nest week. I hope, I hope.

Now that things are starting to slow down on the boxing up the house front, until we have more info, I'm hoping to get some writing in. The last few weeks have been a bust.

Wish me luck

Oh, thanks to Darla for the wonderful, superb words on my story, and to Mechele who is always there (or here as it were).

O! Good luck with the new job.

JL Langley has books in PRINT!!! ok, one is in print - The Tin Star (M/M extrordinaire) and Howl an anthology, will go into print soon (at least I think that's the itinerary, I could be wrong).

Hm, I think that's it for the updates for now. I'll get to work.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Dude! I'm geting a Dell

I've decided, in an attempt to save some money, to turn in my rental laptop and purchase one outright.

It's a Dell. I ordered it today, so will let you know when it arrives. I'll save $200 a month!

Still not sure what's going on with the move, but it's progressing anyway. :) I'll keep you posted. Heck, maybe I'll move near to someone who reads this.

Um, if I do, please be nice to me.



Howling in the Moolight Review

I've got a review for Howling in the Moonlight. Kind of confusing, but since I am a magnanimous writer, I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Two Lips Review of Howling In The Moonlight


Tree Sprite Review

Have to point out a review I got for Tree Sprite.

Coffee Time Romance Review of Tree Sprite

She gave it a three cups, but said some really wonderful things about it.



I had a chat at Loves Romance Cafe, and had several winners.

Becky from WI, won a bookmark and I'll send it out with her other winnings.

Dawn won a copy of Howling in the Moonlight, sure hope she likes it.

Amy from Ky won a bookmark

Jenny from Singapore won a bookmark.

Congratulations ladies. Hope you enjoy them.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Congrats to a winner

I had a chat at Novelspotters yesterday and ran a drawing for a nice little gift basket.

Several people responded with the correct names of my books and their names were put in the hat.

Becky from Wisconsin won and I want to congratulate her. YAY!

I had a great time at the chat, even though the emails were late, or nonexistent, but heck, that's Yahoo.

Well, I have to get back to moving.

Have a great day.


Friday, August 25, 2006



It looks like both MBaM and Loose Id are back up and running so I'm out there promoting my books. Or at least going in to groups and making my signature lines available. I call it Subliminal Promoting. I actively post in the groups and most of the time, that's all I need. I've changed out my sig lines to show that my books are available and the links (cause I know I'm lazy and if I have to work for it, then it might not happen). I mostly post in groups I at least monitor on a regular basis. I'm not a crasher... much. I try not to, anyway.

Writing's going well, sorta, and no matter what, I'm going to finish writing Auras before I go on to the next three books I have in the outline stages. :) Hey, I have to get one story out of my head before I start another or the characters drive me bonkers.

School starts on Tues the 5th of Sept... I suppose I'll be starting to pack then. We probably have until Oct in this house, but heck, why wait until the last minute? I want everything we don't use every day, packed neatly and in the garage. That way, all we have to do on move day, is move.

Okay, I'm going back to work. Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sitting here, wasting time

Not really, Okay, yes really, but my e-mail has all been gone through enough to get on with my day, and I'm thinking of heading outside, where it's quiet, and write for a little while before the teens all wake up. The youngest is already awake because we had her orientation for school today. The orientation consisted of getting up and being at the school by 8 am, then her picking up her schedule, then getting her books. We left the school at 8:18 and she's watching tv in the living room. :)

There is still a lot going on at my house. We received official notice of intent to sell from the landlord, so... I guess we are definitely going to move. Wish me luck. :) But for today, or at least this morning, I'm going to try to write.


Monday, August 21, 2006

JBuL Has A Blog

All right.

You hear about my CP and the gang. This weekend, we started a blog. We call ourselves JBuL, which stands for Just Between us Ladies and include several great writers, some great writers who will be famous as soon as they get off their duffs and get published, and me.


Check it out...

JBul Blog

Not sure yet, what we are going to do there, but heck, it can't be anything but interresting. LOL


Keep on trying

Not sure of the updates on either the MBaM (which is the company that Samhain sells through), or the credit card function of Loose Id.

I can only suggest, keep trying.

I know you want to read my story, and I REALLY want you to read it.:)

I'll redo my promo work once I know for a fact that the sites are up and running again.

I must complain about this month. It's been a doozy. LOL

I'd rather just get it over with and not have to repeat it.

Anyway, I have to write, so, good luck with the sites.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Don't forget to buy!

Yes, I know that MBaM where Tree Sprite is available is down. Darn it. They are changing servers, so I can't sell books.

Yes, I know that Loose-Id where Howling In The Moonlight is available is down. They have a credit card malfunction that they are working on, so I can't sell books.

Hopefully, these two servers will get back up and running before you forget my books are on sale and can purchase them.

Yes. I am pretty upset about this situation, since it's been going on for days. Can you tell?

Here I am out there, bothering the readers, promoting my toucas off, and I get readers saying they are unable to make the purchase. Sigh.

Well, I guess I'll just have to keep bugging the readers once the sellers are back up.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Howling In The Moonlight Released

Going Nowhere 1: Howling in the Moonlight

Brenda Bryce

Genre: Shifter Paranormal

Length: Novel

Price: $5.99

Purchase NOW!

Lannie Michaels has had enough. She leaves her home in the city for a nice, quiet stint of sculpting in a small town called Nowhere. When her mistrusting almost fiancé catches up with her trying to get her back, so does a killer of unfathomable evil, who wants to keep them apart.

Kyle Sylia is only in town to get his mate back after a catastrophic misunderstanding. He will do anything to make her his permanently. An upcoming showing, a crazed werewolf killer, a skeptical and angry sheriff, a hunter, and hyped up pheromones, are not the way he expected the reunion to progress.

During a showing of her artwork, Lannie discovers something new about herself, and Kyle is to blame. Who knew her boyfriend had kept so many life altering secrets from her? Oh well, the sex is phenomenal, but the tail will take some practice.

Now they just have to clear the area of terror, before Lannie loses her temper and bites someone.

To read an excerpt, visit: Excerpt

Oh man... I'm super jazzed about this release. HITM has a special dedication to my readers, and MUAH! Thank you for not letting me give up on it.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Great Writing Site

My critique partner musta been hinting at something, cause she sent me this great site.

The Cache is
Tracy Duckart's Instructional Website at Humboldt State University and has great information on things like Point of View, characterization, setting and all kinds of other writing information.

Check it out, I will be.

Now... Tree Sprite has gotten a great review. Check out my Tree Sprite Page and Check out the Two Lips Review. I'm quite happy with it, and MUAH to Frost.

Howling in The Moonlight will be out the 15th. Tuesday. It's a werewolf story, contemporary, and I sure hope you like it. This was my first completed manuscript and danged if it didn't get rejected MANY, MANY times.

Maybe I shouldn't have told you that so soon. LOL. Well, I still hope you like it.

I'm still working on Auras, but since it was *temporarily* rejected (I'll be doing rewrites until it's accepted, believe me), I have taken a little pouty break. I'll be cranking on it next week. Sure would love to finish it soon.

Hm, OH! I'm going to have to move. After 11 years, the landlord has decided to sell the house, so the teens, hubby and I are going to be looking for an interim place. I told hubby that internet is a must, otherwise, I don't care where I live. We are supposed to be looking at a state move soon, so this will only be a temporary stop. Sigh, if it isn't one thing, it's another. I'll keep you updated. My Flylady blog will be my "how does an author with three teens move?" diary, so if you're interrested... I'll be starting it today. We have about 60 days at least, to do this move, so, it should be interresting.

Well, that's it for now.


Monday, July 31, 2006

Tree Sprite is OUT!!!

I'm very excited to announce that Tree Sprite is now available for purchase through Samhain Publishing

I love this story, not because of how easily it came to me or any other authorly reason, but because the characters took over and I had to fight them to quit having sex. Don't ask me why the horn-dogs were so needy, but they were.

Hopefully, you will like the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be hanging out everywhere, giving away stuff. Hope to see you around.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just Got Word

Tree Sprite is going to be released early.

August 1st.

Be prepared to purchase, I'm looking forward to your opinion on it.

One week to get my promotional stuff ready and I'd better get to work.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Release Dates Getting Closer

Here it is, the last full week of July. I've still got to get line edits (final edits) back from the publishers of both Howling in the Moonlight and Tree Sprite, and I'm looking forward to getting them. Release dates are getting closer and closer and I'm assembling my promotional items for each. I'm also trying my hand at the newsletter since Jeigh is litterally swamped with trying to finish up some stories.

I'm not very good at it. LOL
It's hard. I've grown a new respect for my Critique Partners artistic skills. I have none.

I've got to finish Chapter 7 of Auras today. All I have left to add is a S.E.X. scene and I can wrap the chapter up. It's just that it's so hot in So Cal. It's honestly too hot to write s.e.x. How sad is that? Very, very sad, if you ask me.

Everything else is going well, and I'm looking forward to doing hard core promo work with the readers for both stories. I do love interracting with the readers and giving stuff away.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Extremely Bummed

I had a chat scheduled at Novelspotters today, and I had planned for it all weekend. So, my time comes up, and nothing. I posted several emails, and here it is, hours later, and they still haven't shown up. Oh well, either they will or not. sigh. I do hope they EVENTUALLY do show up because I passed it off as a missed time and offered two of my handmade penis bookmarks to two people who email me first. Hope that one goes through.

It's frustrating to say the least.

I do hope everyone else had a great day, and maybe next time, I'll have more luck.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Time flies

This week has been very productive. I have been informed that Tree Sprite is going to Line Edits. Final edits for those that don't know. I had to ask last year, so don't feel bad if you didn't know. Oh, and Tree Sprite has a cover! Anne Cain hand drew me one. Dang she's talented. You can check it out on my webpage. Besides, I like the hits. LOL

Hm, Oh, I'm scheduled to do a chat come 4pm at Novelspotters on July 18th. I love to chat, and I think I'll make some bookmarks for a couple people. That's Tuesday for those of you, like myself, who don't look at calendars.

Hm, Other than that, I'm writing. Writing, writing, writing on Auras.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Vacation is over

I suppose you could call it a vacation, at least. Mom and grandmother have returned safely to their own abodes, my teens are about to start summerschool tomorrow, and I can get back to work.

We had a great time while mom and grandma was here. The teens, grandma's, and I visited the Getty museum, Santa Monica pier, the La Brea Tarpits, and Olevera street. We also shopped locally. We had a really good time and spent little money.

Although... I did catch a cold. What with the temperature changes, weather patterns, and everything conspired to wrap my lungs in congestion and a mean, nasty cough. Now, remember, I'm a hard core asthmatic. Whenever something even pretends to congest me, I have the worst asthma attacks and I have to fiht to breathe. My mommy took me to the hospital after watching me turn blue and I got some antibiotics and sterroids. Oh, goodie. Now I'm taking some meds or another every two hours, but I am showing improvement. I actually woke up this morning without an asthma attack. WOOHOO. I'm still moving slowly, sleeping in my comfy recliner, and my teens are calling me junkie, but I'm improving.

Tomorrow, I get back to work. Gotta catch up on my groups, work on my WIP, and talk to one of my editors about editing schedules. :) Other than that... driving back and forth to the school for the teens, wanting to clean the back yard and my office, and catching up on the housework. (of course, the physical work will be very carefully done so as not to land myself in the ICU like two years ago).

One last thing... Happy 39th birthday to ME!

How have you all been?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting closer

The grandmas will be here Monday. I've been kicking butt. LOL

I'm writing now, and have done pretty good this week. Mostly because I probably won't get much time to write for the next two weeks.

I think my first werewolf story (Howling in the Moonlight) will be finished with edits soon, so that's one less thing to worry about. Although... Tree Sprite is ready to go INTO edits. LOL

Sorry that I've not been diligent with the blog, but life is definitely intruding.

Lot's of stuff going on.



Thursday, June 01, 2006

It's not over yet


I don't think the 15th will ever get here. I'm behind in just about everything. Oh well, it will get done or not.

11 days till mom and grandma get here. Daughter is having a bit of a problem with a grade and may or may not do the graduation ceremony, I'm broke and being consumed by grey hair.

All right, enough whining. Tomorrow I write. Although, I have proofed some good stories for Loose Id and Changeling. One of them came out today from Changeling. Shifter's Station 3. It's a M/M and there are two stories before it, but this story actually happens before the other two. Have I confused you yet?

Nothing else I proofed recently is out yet, and the gag order... Well, you get the idea.

Okay, I'm going to sleep, so I can get up early, bright eyed, bushy tailed, (although why I would want a hairy butt is beyond me), and able to get right to work in the morning.


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wiped out

I must admit, I am writing, but my priority right now is getting my home ready for graduation. My oldest, as I've mentioned, is creeping up on her high school graduation. She will be the first of this generation in either family so the troops are a-massing. LOL I've been trying to get everything ready *clean*, for the family *my mom and grandma* to arrive for the graduation ceremony *if the teen passes all her classes*.

I tell you... I'm getting grayer by the minute. I'm going to need hair color by the time the ceremony comes around. Wish me luck.

I am, as I said, writing. I'm working on a vampire story that has nothing to do with the Society series. Yes, I'm working on the third one too, sheesh, bossie's.

Let's see... OH! I wanted to mention, comma's suck, but my buddy Livy put a whole schlew (spell check never heard of this word, so I appologise if it's misspelled) of comma rules on her blog. Sea of Red Ink she is such a doll baby. Ever so helpful to us weak minded writers. We have ideas, stories, characters who holler in our ears to get their story told, but the rules? Huh, we don't need no stinking rules. pshaw.

So, check it out, tell her you love her, and shake your head vigorously and hope the rules stick. That's what I'm hoping for.

All right. I'm out of here. I'm going to turn on Animal Planet (or one of the previously taped versions of Funny Animal Videos) stare at it bemusedly, then sleep.

Night all

Oh, and I'm pouting that I didn't get to attend RT this year. NEXT YEAR watch out. It's in Huston (I think, but don't quote me on it), and I'm darned well going to be there if I have to walk or knock off convenience stores on the way. *um, don't tell the cops, okay?*


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Writing, writing

I need to give everyone an update on what I'm doing. I'm actually working very hard. Reading through Alexi's book, getting rid of plot dangles and holes. It's fun. LOL

The next thing I plan to do is, write synopsis' for a few stories before I lose them. Wrting the stories should go much quicker if I have them all plotted out. It worked for Tree Sprite.

All right, I'm going back to work. Sorry this is short and sweet, but I'm also dealing with Prom, which was last night, and graduation is coming fast which means relatives are coming. I'm trying to get the house organized for real this time. I even started a blog to keep myself motivated. LOL

Ok, I'm a blogging fool. They keep me working so I have something to say. :)

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I did. I didn't do much of anything. :)


Saturday, May 06, 2006


As you know, I've been trying to expand my word usage in the stories. I found a great online reference that I wanted to share. You probably know about it, but I'm going to tell you about it anyway. is the one I've been using almost exclusively. It has the most choices of alternate words that I've found yet. So far, any word I imput, spits out at least five different choices. I like choices.

Anyway, I'm pounding away on the keyboard, having a good old time. Daughter's surgery went very well, her eyes are healing slowly, the opthemologist says she's right on track, and she goes back to school Monday after having been out since the 28th of April. Yay. She's looking forward to it, and so am I. I've only got until June 11th to get any writing done before my mother and grandmother show up for my oldest's graduation. Holy Mackerel. Time's running out. LOL.

I'm putting the Thesaurus link in my reference bar, and I hope it can be of use to you. I still haven't gotten any helpful alternate words for the human sexual organs.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thedits Thursday

Today, I only wrote a little. I am editing the first (pre) round of edits. A wonderful tool had been sent to me from my Samhain editor which tells me to ditch some of my commonly used words. HOOBOY! I found out I am an over user. Sheesh. Being a good girl, I'm working hard to take out as many of the no-no list as possible. Still have lots to do, and no, edits haven't formally started yet so... Well, it might be a while.

Also, I got HITM (The werewolf) back today to do "Just a few more things before line edits." So, I will do that too.

I'm sure I will have plenty of time. My youngest is getting her eye surgery in the morning, and she plans on spending a lot of time in my waterbed with me, moaning and groaning. I don't blame her, nor will I, but it makes for tough writing. Good thing I have edits to while away my time.

Updates following the surgery will come after I get home. Night all.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting close

Getting close!

I figure, if the story will be about 68 thousand words or so, and I have 54.4 thousand words, that means I have only a few chapters left. Enforcing Justice is getting closer and closer to The End.

I’m excited, are You?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Update on writing

I have been writing. Luckily. Even with my hectic schedule for this week, I am managing to get some wordage. Alexi's book is at 53k, just finished a sex scene, and if you check my craft blog you can see the items I have made.

My schedule this week, as I said, is hectic. Yesterday, Monday, I took my youngest to the opthemologist to get a final checkup. Today, Tuesday, through Thursday, the teens get out at noon due to district testing. And Friday is eye surgery day for my youngest. She is having her eyes straightened. Born with crossed eyes, she had an operation at nine months. It didn't fully correct it, and now she is ready to complete the process. It isn't a palatable process so I won't go into it as I just drank a huge glass of fat free milk. LOL.

I've been searching the online Thesaurus's (or however you pluralize it) for new descriptive words. I get sick of saying the same thing over and over. I found some good ones. BUT!!!, well, for the naughty bits, it's a bit harder to come by euphemisms that aren't so freaking flowery or outdated, that I cringe to read them. OH! and get this... I found out that when you say, "I'm supposed to believe that? My Aunt Mary!" you are referring to your vagina. LOL, Aunt Mary was a euphemism for vagina. I didn't know that, but say it all the time. Man, do I have a potty mouth. Just thought I would pass on that tidbit of research. But I don't think I shall ever write most of the things I found on two sites. Sure, there were tons of entries, but grief! Anyway, I'm still looking. If you have more than:


and I'm sure I'm forgetting some, Let me know. I am not looking for "flaming balogna of luv" but things that won't make me cringe to write. LOL

And on that note...

I'm off to bed now, tired, and thank you all for joining me.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm back from the Grand Canyon and I have to say, WOW! This is just ONE of the fabulous sights I saw. My camera took some pretty good pictures, I think. I have more to post, but I think I'll do it a little at a time. We had a great time, and I'm ready to get Enforcing Justice (Alexi's story) done. So, back to work for me.

Monday, April 17, 2006



The family and I are going on a short vacation. We won’t be back till Friday or Saturday. Everyone have fun while I’m internet-less.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Good news Saturday

*Happy dancing*

Got my contracts for Tree Sprite in the mail today. Yeehaw!

Now I can update my webpage. I will have to make two pages. I don't mind. *snort, as if*.

I guess the hard work will start soon.

Looking forward to it, actually.

Anyway, give me till tomorrow night to update the webpage.


Friday, April 07, 2006

Wow! Friday

I’m alive

Honest. I am.

I’ve been filling out paperwork and writing on Enforcing Justice and started writing Auras. Not very far into Auras, just chapter 2, but Enforcing Justice is cooking along. I have over 48k.

Other than laundry, which had fallen behind due to the rain, I spend my days writing. Work, work, work.

Ok, so I did complete my son’s afghan, and started one for my daughter (which won’t be as mish mash). You can see my son’s afghan (if you are brave enough) at my Yarn Blog.

Sad to say, that’s it. Well, except for the stresses of trying to get a senior in high school graduated, and signed up for College, and planning a short family vacation to the Grand Canyon (which I hope it warms up and stops raining by then).

I guess I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled day.